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About Liz Leyla

Liz Leyla is an established international belly dance performer with over 20 years of experience based in New Jersey. Her effortless fusion of Lebanese and Egyptian style Raqs Sharqi coupled with her charisma and elegance has led her to becoming one of the area's most in-demand performers. Through years of continued, dedicated study in America and the Middle East, Liz has created a respected persona within the belly dance community.

Liz is one of the most knowledgeable and authentic Oriental Dance Artists in the Tri-State area. She is an exquisite performer and entertainer, choreographer, teacher and judge in international competitions. Liz travels regularly to the Middle East to study with the top Masters, learn the culture and perform at international festivals. She is the organizer and director of the International Oriental Dance Festival Ishtar Congress, which takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Liz specializes in authentic and traditional Middle Eastern Dances. Her repertoire includes classic Oriental pieces as well as different types of Folkloric dances, such as Saidi, Dabke, Khaleege, Moroccan, Fallahi and Sudanese. Liz is also known for her exciting and energetic drum solo performances. Her signature style is Tarab, which allows her to display the most complex understanding of Arabic music, technique and feeling.


Liz began her dance training as a young child with classical ballet, Latin dances, tap, flamenco and jazz, until she found her true love - Bellydance! Liz also studied music and played the piano since a young age, which further developed her musicality. 


Liz never stops studying and continues to improve her dance and knowledge through master classes, workshops and extensive research. She has studied with top master teachers and legendary artists from all over the world.


Currently, Liz is working under the direction of the renowned Lebanese Artistic Director, Master Teacher, and International Super Star Kamilia of Lebanon. Kamilia is an Arabic Registered Artist and Teacher, and is a member of the worldwide acclaimed Caracalla Theater Company Dance School in Lebanon.


Liz’s biggest passion is to showcase and educate people on the authentic, beautiful and graceful art of Oriental Dance! She has joined Oriental Dance legend Kamilia in an effort to unite dancers from around the world in this common goal.


“Unfortunately, there are so many poorly trained and poorly educated dancers today performing fusion dances, sometimes providing a vulgar performance and damaging the image of this art. It is our job to change this image by providing truly authentic and elegant performances." - Liz


Liz uses exotic props such as silk veils, Isis wings, candle tray, shamadan (candelabra), fan veils, stick/cane, sword, LED veil, feather fans and finger cymbals (zills) to provide an exciting and dynamic performance. Liz customizes each of her shows to her client's cultural background, tastes, requests and style in order to ensure the most suitable experience for them and their guests. Liz can also arrange musicians or a drummer to accompany her performance with live music. Liz encourages audience participation for an interactive, fun time!


Let Liz's beautiful and elegant bellydance performance make your next event unforgettable for you and your guests! Liz will provide a graceful and family appropriate show for all types of events, from intimate to extravagant parties!

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