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Q: How long is the show?

A: A typical set is 25 minutes long and consists of 7-8 songs. The length can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.


Q: How is the booking process?

A: To confirm a booking, a non-refundable deposit is required.


Q: Is tipping allowed?

A: Yes, tips are appreciated. During the performance, appropriate ways of tipping are handing them to the dancer, tucking them into the sides of the dancer's belt, and throwing the tips over the dancer's head. No tipping into the dancer's bra or front/back of the belt is allowed. Alternatively, tips may be handed after the show or included in the balance payment.


Q: Is audience participation allowed?

A: Absolutely! My show is highly interactive! I encourage audience participation and will bring willing guests to join me on the dance floor!


Q: Is your show appropriate for children?

A: My show is appropriate for any age! I offer "family friendly" entertainment and in fact, children are usually the first ones to join me on the dance floor!


Q: Do you bring music?

A: Yes, I bring my music on an iPod that can be connected to speakers via bluetooth, airplay or auxiliary cable. Make sure to test your speakers and figure out how they operate ahead of time to avoid any delays during the event. If you are hiring a DJ, let them know I will be bringing an iPod so they have the appropriate cables.

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