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Learn Bellydance!

Looking for a fun way to exercise and stay fit?

Bellydance can help you improve:

  • Strength and flexibility 

  • Spine mobility 

  • Cardio endurance 

  • Coordination, balance and body awareness 

  • Abdominal strengthening and toning

  • Cognitive function 

  • Confidence and social skills


All while having fun in a friendly and supportive environment!


Bellydance combines intricate physical practice with cultural and musical learning, making it a fascinating, rich experience, stimulating to both body and mind. 


Liz Leyla has over 20 years of experience in Bellydance, and an extensive multidisciplinary background on physical practices. Her unique teaching style allows students from any background and skill level to develop.


Liz is available for private or group classes, in person locally, or online. Liz can cover any topic and level within Oriental Dance.

Popular requests include:

Intro to Basics - Do you feel too insecure to join a group class? Take a few private lessons to get acquainted with the basics!


Choreography - Do you have a special event and would like to impress your guests? Are you a dancer preparing for a performance or competition? Liz can help you create the perfect choreography to shine on stage!


Dance Party - Planning a girls night, bridal shower, baby shower, birthday celebration? What could be more fun than surprising your guests with a bellydance class! Bring on the hip scarves and let's shimmy and shake the celebration!

Learn Bellydance

  • What should I wear to bellydance class?

    • Wear comfortable, activewear clothing. You may wear socks, ballet slippers, dance shoes or practice barefoot, but no street shoes. Hip scarves are a great fun complement, just avoid heavy coin belts as they make a lot of noise.

  • Am I too old to start bellydancing?

    • Absolutely not! You can start learning and practicing at any age. In fact, bellydancing is a great physical practice for seniors as it has no impact. 

  • I don't have any dance experience, can I take bellydance classes?

    • Of course! In our beginner level classes we teach all the foundation you need to start your practice from the very beginning. 

  • ​​How long does it take to learn bellydance?

    • That is completely relative to each individual. Each person develops at a different pace, in conjunction with the amount of time devoted each week to studying and practicing. 

  • What if I don't have the right body type for bellydance?

    • There are no body type restrictions to learn and practice bellydance. If you have any health issues or physical conditions, just make sure you are cleared to exercise with your doctor and let your teacher know so she can offer safe movement modifications.

  • Can children take bellydance classes?

    • Yes! However, it is not advisable for them to join adult classes as they need different teaching methods.


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