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Hire a Samba dancer!

Bring the glamour and extravaganceof Brazilian Samba to your event!


Let me bring the glamour and excitement of the Brazilian Samba to your event! Samba runs in my veins as I grew up in Brazil, and I love sharing this beautiful and joyful art form with the world!

Brazilian Samba with its 2/4 rhythm arose from a mixture of African and European influences in the 1500s. The Brazilian Samba dance is one the most popular dances in the world from South America. The dance has evolved over time to become a cultural identity for Brazilians. Tracing its influence from native Angolan and Congo genres, the modern dance is a testament to different cultures.

The show includes lots of audience interaction and guests are encouraged to join the dance floor for a fun and exciting way to get the party going! My performances DO NOT include any type of nudity, my show is suitable for families and children of all ages!


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